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Test your child’s (and maybe your own) knowledge with these five fun facts about teeth and brushing. How many do you know without checking?

  1. What color is your toothbrush? The most common color is blue, followed by red. If you’re spending the night somewhere or going camping, choose a toothbrush that isn’t blue to avoid confusion!
  2. Did George Washington have wooden teeth? Contrary to popular belief, George Washington’s dentures were not made of wood. Instead, they were constructed from a mix of materials including bone, brass, gold, and ivory. Washington struggled with severe dental issues throughout his life and had only one tooth left by the time he became president.
  3. How many teeth do you have? Children have up to 20 baby teeth, while a full adult set comprises 32 teeth. Luckily, humans don’t have as many teeth as some armadillo species, which can boast more than 100 teeth!
  4. How much does the tooth fairy pay? The tooth fairy’s pay rate has significantly increased over the years. In 1950, the average payment for a tooth was 25 cents. By 1988, it was $1 per tooth, and in 2015, the average amount had risen to $3.19.
  5. What’s the hardest substance in your body? Tooth enamel takes the crown! It’s the hardest substance in your body, with 96% of it composed of minerals. Brushing twice each day for two minutes and flossing regularly is essential to keeping your enamel free from decay.

How many of these fun teeth facts did you already know? The most important fact about your teeth is that taking care of them is crucial for your overall health. Make sure your child maintains good oral hygiene and visits our office regularly for check-ups.

For more tips on keeping your child’s teeth healthy or to schedule your child’s next visit to Redwood Pediatric Dentistry, your trusted Crestmont CA Pediatric Dentist, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you!

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