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At Redwood Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the precious moments shared between parents and children. As your child grows, seize every opportunity to create cherished memories together. Here are seven delightful experiences to enjoy with your child before they turn seven.

  1. Unleash Creativity with Art: Engage in artistic endeavors with your child. Whether it’s finger painting, drawing, or coloring, creating art together fosters creativity and strengthens your bond. Treasure your child’s artistic masterpieces as keepsakes of your shared moments.
  2. Revel in Snowy Escapades: If you reside in a wintry climate, embrace the magic of snow. Take your child sledding, build a snowman, or indulge in snowball fights. Even in warmer regions, seek out opportunities for your child to experience the wonder of a fresh snowfall.
  3. Cultivate Time-Honored Traditions: Establish heartwarming traditions that endure over time. Whether it’s celebrating half-birthdays or creating surprises on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day, these rituals create lasting memories for your child to cherish.
  4. Bond Through Bedtime Stories: Make reading a nightly ritual with your child. Sharing stories not only strengthens your connection but also nurtures their imagination and enhances their reading skills. Dive into enchanting tales together and watch their love for storytelling bloom.
  5. Foster Integrity and Honesty: Instill values of honesty and integrity in your child from an early age. Teach them the importance of truthfulness and integrity in their actions and interactions, laying the foundation for moral character development.
  6. Cloud Gazing Adventures: Savor leisurely afternoons with your child, gazing at the sky and marveling at the shapes of clouds. Encourage their imagination as they discover whimsical figures and dreamy landscapes among the clouds.
  7. Prioritize Orthodontic Evaluation: Ensure your child’s oral health by scheduling an orthodontic evaluation by age seven. This early assessment allows for timely intervention to address dental issues and guide proper jaw development, ensuring a radiant smile that lasts a lifetime.

As a parent, each moment spent with your child is a gift to treasure. Embrace the joy of parenthood and create lasting memories that will illuminate their childhood. If you have any inquiries about orthodontic care or wish to schedule your child’s visit to our office, please reach out to us. Together, let’s nurture healthy smiles and unforgettable moments.

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