Pediatric Dentist Oakland

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is an important one and it is our goal to make this visit educational and enjoyable.​ While we cannot fully control how your child does at the visit, we can try to set them up for success. Your help in preparing your child for their first appointment is important. We suggest staying positive, we want your child to develop a favorable opinion of the dentist. Try to avoid using scary dental words that may cause unnecessary fear such as “hurt” “shot” or threats to “brush or the dentist will ….”. Our office team is trained on positive, encouraging words to help frame dentistry in a positive light. Try to reassure your child that Dr. Franklin and her nice team will explain everything to them and answer all their questions. We will also send you a form with some tips for the first visit!

We often see children who are already nervous to visit the doctor or have had a negative experience at another office. Dr. Franklin suggests trying to space out dental appointments from vaccination appointments (or have our office go first) when convenient. Please do not be embarrassed if your child cries as this is normal and an age appropriate coping skill. Dr. Franklin and her team are trained and practiced with adapting to your child’s needs. Many times some children require more time to adapt to the very unique environment of a dental office. Parenting styles vary and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences for the appointment. 

With regular dental visits, happy visits, and gentle care, your child will become more comfortable and confident in coming to our office! Dr. Franklin and our Redwood Pediatric Dentistry team are trained in child development and behavior management to tailor our treatment of your child. 

Our goal is to provide nourishment and patience as our kiddos develop strong for their growing smiles!

Dr. Franklin and her team will perform an easy, thorough head, neck, and oral exam. They will then patiently show your child the instruments that they will use to clean your child’s teeth (tooth counters, tooth ticklers, sparkly toothpaste, tiny tooth mirrors, our water hose, and thirsty straw amongst others!)

Dr. Franklin practices ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) which minimizes radiation exposure by taking only needed diagnostic X-rays based on each child’s caries risk. We are committed to using the most accurate digital imaging equipment requiring the lowest ionizing radiation exposure.

Please be aware that during the first appointment, treatment such as fillings or extractions will NOT be done. We use the first visit to get to know your child and for them to get to know us. We will assess your child’s oral health, behavior, and needs. Together, we will determine the best approach and next steps for your child. We welcome parents back with their child.

We make onboarding simple and easy for new patients. Plus, you can fill out your child’s new patient forms ahead of time, digitally, so there’s less to do when you step through our doors. All you’ll need to bring with you to your child’s appointment is a photo ID and a copy of your insurance card if you plan to use it. Once you schedule your appointment we’ll also send out a welcome video with a little background on our practice, instructions on how to get to us, and books you may be interested in reading about how to make dental care fun and easy for kids. 

Redwood Pediatric Dentistry accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. We are in network with the following insurances, but can help you file your insurance claims if you have an insurance not listed below.

Pediatric Dentist Oakland