Pediatric Dentist Oakland

At Redwood Pediatric Dentistry, our top priority is to provide the best possible care to children of all ages and backgrounds in a warm and welcoming environment. Led by Dr. Niekia Franklin, a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist, our team is dedicated to making dentistry accessible and as stress-free as possible for children, with the goal of fostering a positive relationship between them and their oral health. Dr. Franklin’s approach is to always opt for less-invasive treatments whenever possible, and to empower children with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles. Whether your child is visiting us for a routine exam, a dental crown, or any other procedure, we are committed to delivering the highest-quality care.

After seven years of invaluable experiences working in Castro Valley with Dr. Shervin Yazdi, and in Oakland with Dr. Denise Bass Allen, Dr. Franklin was excited to build her dream office. Here, she brings together her extensive expertise in addressing airway concerns, performing frenectomies, and practicing functional dentistry. Our approach is holistic, focusing on the whole body to identify the root causes of oral health issues. We are committed to educating our patients on effective prevention strategies for oral diseases and their connections to overall health, while prioritizing the use of biocompatible and minimally toxic materials. Welcome to a place where dental care transcends, aiming for your utmost well-being.

At Redwood Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to providing the highest-quality care in a welcoming and kid-friendly environment. Our
core values include:

  • Compassion: We show empathy and understanding for our patients, their families, our team, and ourselves.
  • Safety: We prioritize the safety of our patients and team members in all aspects of care.
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively amongst ourselves and with our families, fostering an environment of honesty, positivity, and appreciation.
  • Caring: We choose the best methods and materials for our patients and the planet.
  • Gentle: We approach treatment with care, patience, and a non-aggressive attitude.
  • Timeliness: We respect and acknowledge the schedules of our patients and team members.
  • Evidence-Based: We stay current with the latest advancements in dentistry to provide the best care possible.
  • Community: We serve the community with love and appreciation for the trust placed in us.
  • Gratitude: We are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love and have fun with it.
  • Grace: We create a non-judgmental environment, assuming the best intentions of those around us.

A serene tree-filled backdrop has given our practice its name—and it also lends itself to creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere within our office. Enjoy convenient, free parking before you check in. Once inside, cozy up to our beverage bar while your kiddo heads to the play area or to check out our litezilla. For your child’s exam, warm blankets, headphones, and Disney+ are all available options to keep them cozy and entertained during their appointment.

We’re also busy training Hawley, our future therapy dog! 

We offer the highest quality dental materials to provide the best care for all our patients. Not every cavity needs a filling! Time, gentle guidance, and a comprehensive care plan often help even our littlest, and most cautious patients feel at ease!

Our practice is devoted to giving back to our community through various philanthropic efforts. Dr. Franklin is a National Ambassador for the Give Kids a Smile Program and hosts an event for the foundation each year, a tradition she’s kept for nearly a decade and is proud to bring to Redwood Pediatric Dentistry. The Give Kids a Smile Program helps deliver free dental care to children in need—a mission that aligns with our practice’s belief that all children should receive the very best dental care. We’re also proud to adopt a family through the Bay Area Crisis Nursery and support our patient’s community outreach efforts. Have an awesome cause? Let us know!

Pediatric Dentist Oakland